Discover the Beauty of Chitosan in Cosmetics with Well Shine® Biopolymer

Chitosan: A Versatile Ingredient in Beauty Products

Chitosan, a celebrated ingredient in the cosmetic world, is recognized by both the FDA and the EU. In cosmetics, it plays two key roles: as a film-forming agent and a hair-fixing component. This remarkable substance excels in binding water, making it a hydration hero for the skin. As a thickening agent and emulsion stabilizer, it's a staple in many cosmetic formulations.

Moisturizing and More

Chitosan's moisturizing properties make it a popular choice in a variety of products. From facial masks and lotions to hair products and dyes, its versatility is unmatched. It's also used in coagulants, and found in diverse cosmetic products like emulsions, gels, foams, sticks, and aerosols, catering to skin, hair, nails, and even oral hygiene.

Well Shine Biopolymer: Certified and Effective

Well Shine Biopolymer, approved by the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) in the U.S., brings Beta-Glucan/Chitosan to the forefront of cosmetic innovation. This biopolymer stands out with impressive features:

  • Scar Improvement: Aids in wound healing, visibly reducing scars for smoother skin.
  • Anti-Aging Properties: Fuels elastin production and offers powerful antioxidants to decelerate skin aging (See Figure 1).
  • Soothing Anti-Inflammatory: Offers relief and repair for inflamed skin (Refer to Figures 2 and 3).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Well Shine Biopolymer was assigned INCI name

PCPC Certification
PCPC Certification p2

A New Era in Skincare

Well Shine Biopolymer is revolutionizing skincare. Whether it's supporting wound healing, diminishing scars, or providing anti-aging and soothing effects, it's an invaluable addition to skincare products.

Embrace the change with Well Shine Biopolymer – where beauty meets innovation.

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