Antrodia Camphorata

Antrodia camphorata is an exclusive mushroom species native to Taiwan. Well Shine R&D team has devoted significant efforts to researching and selecting the best quality strains from wild Antrodia camphorata, using exclusive cultivation methods to grow it. This ensures the mushroom is cultivated in a simulated natural environment, preserving its active ingredients and effectiveness.

Through a patented extraction process, Well Shine effectively concentrates the abundant triterpenoids from Antrodia camphorata, enhancing its efficacy compared to wild Antrodia camphorata. With over 30 years of experience, Well Shine has successfully developed high-quality products to meet customers' requirements.

Why choose Well Shine® Antrodia Camphorata?

Wild CollectionOther BrandsWell shine® Antrodia Camphorata
Cultivation MethodCinnamomum Kanehirae Dried WoodLiquid-Fermented MyceliumSolid Cultivation
Cultivation Time2-5 years7-14 days4-6 months
TriterpenoidsNot TestedNot IndicatedMeasured
DNA Structure Compared with Wild Antrodia CamphorataXXNearly 100% the same as wild Antrodia camphorata
SafetyEasily prone to pollution by bacteria & heavy metalsPassed SGS tests
Passed 90-day toxicity test
Approved by Taiwan MOH
Passed SGS tests
Passed 90-day toxicity test
Approved by Taiwan MOH

Well Shine utilizes patented solid cultivation method to grow the fruiting bodies of Antrodia camphorata, earning patents for cultivation techniques and multiple health-functional innovations worldwide. Our Antrodia camphorata has been featured in more than 18 international research publications, analyzing over a hundred effective triterpenoid compounds. This is why Well Shine Antrodia camphorata offers benefits such as liver tonic, boosted metabolism, and immune system support.

Patented Manufacturing Process

Well shine has patented technology of extracting Antrodia camphorata. The procedure includes two stage extraction: alcohol extraction for triterpenoids and hot water extraction for polysaccharides so that the effective dose can be ensured scientifically.

Antrodia Camphorata Extract HPLC Chromatogram

Well shine Antrodia camphorata fruiting bodies have triterpenes as rich as those found in wild collection, making it the best species of Antrodia camphorata.

International Patents

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