About Well Shine

Well Shine Biotech Group was established in 1987 with a business mission of "Commitment to Sustainability, Integrity, and the improvement of Health and Beauty". We are dedicated to researching and developing various rare and precious fungi that promote health. We always insist on producing products backed by scientific evidence and promoting human health with our hearts and consciences.

Well Shine's main products used to be health supplements, e.g. Antrodia camphorata, Reishi mushroom and Canavalia ensiformis etc. Starting in 2015, we initiated research into the extraction technology of chitosan from the residue of Reishi mushroom. After six years of endeavor, we achieved a technological breakthrough. All the shareholders supported the plan to establish the world's first mushroom chitosan extraction factory. Upon witnessing this impressive breakthrough, the Hsinchu Science Park Administration promptly granted a license for the establishment of a manufacturing facility in the Yilan Science Park.

The brand-new high tech biopolymer manufacturing facility is completed in Q3 of 2023, and production will commence in Q1 of 2024.



The Lan's family established Hua Jian Co., Ltd, the former Company of Well Shine, which mainly traded in health supplements and leather OEM.


In 1994, the company underwent restructuring, and was renamed Well Shine Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., focusing on edible mushroom supplements.


Well Shine became the first company to develop the technology to cultivate the fruiting body of Antrodia cinnamome and patented it in Taiwan, the US, China, and Hong Kong.


In 2016, CavaTide® (extract of Jack bean) was launched and its research article was published in a journal. In the same year, Well Shine expanded its sales network by partnering with 150 reselling shops around Taiwan.


With the breakthrough in the extraction technology of mushroom chitin/chitosan, Well Shine has extended its footprint to biomedical materials. Construction of the manufacturing facility began in 2022.


With capital increasing for the extraction technology of mushroom chitin/chitosan, Well Sine completed the manufacturing facility in the second phase standard fab at Yilan Science Park and will start the production in Q4.

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