Agriculture & Aquaculture

Well Shine Biopolymer maximizes yield in agriculture and aquaculture safely and sustainably. Made from mushroom chitosan, it helps plants and animals thrive.

In agriculture, Well Shine boosts crop health, accelerating growth while strengthening plant defenses. For example, it helps mango farmers fight against diseases such as Melasma. As a natural fertilizer and pesticide substitute, it can increase crop yields. Grow more sustainable crops and eliminate the need for synthetic chemicals.


1% Solution

Mango 2

2% Solution

Mango 3

3% Solution

In aquaculture, feed with Well Shine can significantly boost survival rates against V. alginolyticus infection for shellfish (e.g. shrimp) and fish by strengthening the immune system and promoting faster growth.

Well Shine's antimicrobial and antioxidant power enables productive, sustainable farming on land and sea.